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Dear author/artist,

Hello! You’ve matched (or, if you’re a pinch hitter, chosen) on one of these pairs and a freeform, which means we already have a lot in common. How excellent. I am an absolute sucker for H/C so I am thrilled beyond belief about this exchange, and I’m excited to see what you write!

First off, even though I’ve written a lot here, I want to say I’m actually very easy to please. As long as you stick in the general area of my likes and respect my DNWs, I’m going to be delighted, so please do not feel constrained by this letter. Also, I’m equally excited about all of these options! Some sections are longer than others because I have more specific ideas about certain character combos or freeforms, but I didn’t request anything I wouldn’t be over the moon to receive, as should be obvious from the fact that I maxed the heck out of my choices.

This letter contains the followings:
General likes, DNWs, etc.
Crossover Fandom: Buffy/Angel [Connor/Dawn]
Crossover Fandom: Doctor Who/MCU [Rocket Raccoon & The Doctor (2005)]
Crossover Fandom: MCU/Netflix Defenders [Peter Parker & Various Defenders]
Crossover Fandom: The Good Place/Brooklyn Nine-Nine [Michael & Raymond Holt]
Doctor Who [Eleventh/The TARDIS, Thirteen/The TARDIS]
MCU [Peter Parker/Tony Stark]
MCU [Peter Parker & Avengers, Peter Parker & The People of New York]
Russian Doll [Nadia &/ Alan]
Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse [Miles & Jefferson, Miles & The People of New York]
Star Wars Sequel Trilogy [Rey &/ Kylo]
UnREAL [Rachel/Quinn]

General Likes )
Buffy/Angel: Connor/Dawn )
Doctor Who/MCU: The Doctor & Rocket) )
Defenders/MCU: Peter Parker & Various Defenders )
The Good Place/Brooklyn Nine-Nine) )
Doctor Who: Eleven/TARDIS, Thirteen/TARDIS )
MCU: Peter/Tony )
MCU: Peter Parker & The Avengers, The People of New York )
Russian Doll: Nadia &/ Alan) )
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: Miles & Jefferson, The People of New York )
Star Wars: Rey &/ Kylo )
UnREAL: Quinn/Rachel )
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Dear author,

Hello! You have matched (or, if you’re a pinch hitter, chosen) one of these pairs and a freeform, which means we already have a lot in common. How excellent. I’m excited to see what you write!

Off the bat, even though I’ve written a lot here, I want to say I’m actually very easy to please. As long as you stick in the general area of my likes and respect my DNWs, I’m going to be thrilled, so please do not feel constrained by this letter. The point of this exchange is for you to have fun!

Here’s what’s in this letter:
Introduction/General Likes/DNWs, etc.
Grey’s Anatomy [Alex Karev/Meredith Grey]
MCU [Peter Parker/Tony Stark]
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel [Midge Maisel/Lenny Bruce]

All requests are for fic, though I would be more than happy to receive art as a treat if you are so inspired.

Introduction and General Likes/DNWs )

Grey’s Anatomy (Alex Karev/Meredith Grey) )

MCU (Peter Parker/Tony Stark) )

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Midge Maisel/Lenny Bruce )
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Does anyone I know here watch You're the Worst? Because this season is breaking me, and I need someone who understands.
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Chocolate Box was the first exchange I've participated in in *years,* and the first one under this identify, and it resulted in an embarrassment of riches. I got four wonderful gifts, had a blast writing five fic, had amazing recips -- I'm almost scared to do more exchange because it's hard to see how I can top this. Not that it will stop me from signing up for H/C Exchange and maybe Smut Swap... I guess I'm an exchange person now. All it takes is one hit.

Anyway, the rundown:

What I received
Always Welcome, Peter/Tony, E
If you like this ship at all I can't recommend this more highly. Drunk Peter! IW angst! Sweet, and sexy, and full of feels all at once, it is everything I could ask for in P/T fic.

As Easy as Understanding, Nebula/Natasha, T
I requested this ship because I was curious about it, and this fic confirmed that I think it is a great idea. If you are also curious, you should check it out. Short, sweet, and just *so them.*

I Can Show You the World, Bucky/Shuri, T
Bucky/Shuri! [personal profile] snickfic wrote me Bucky/Shuri! And it is absolutely wonderful. Really, really beautiful fic. Really recommend it.

Rental, Peter/Tony (with Venom!), T
Venom gets Peter, Eddie and Tony team up to get their boys back. This is a freaking delight, and I highly recommend it not only to P/T fans, but to anyone who likes Venom. As much as I enjoyed the shippy parts, I think the best part was Tony and Eddie being forced to work together, and getting along not at all. It's great.

What I Wrote

And Again and Again, Peter/Tony, time loop, 6k, T
One of my great joys of this fest was seeing a few people who said they don't even really like the ship rec this, which is a huge compliment. I'd never written time loops before, but between this and Russian Doll I might now be addicted.

Anything but the Best, Peter/Tony, suit porn, 4k, E
Just what it says on the tin. But with feelings, because I can't not.

Not the Point, Peter/Tony, 3.3k, E
Peter almost dies, it leads to a fight and porn. Like you do. Porn with feels is my bread and butter with this ship, #sorrynotsorry

Something Left to Lose, Bucky & Rocket, 4k, G
AU where Bucky survives IW, and forms a friendship with Rocket, because they so would.

Doctor Who/Star Wars
Never Fail to Be, Thirteen + Kylo/Rey, 6.3k, G
Of everything I wrote this time, this is the most outside of my wheelhouse -- I'd never written any of these characters, or in these verses or, IIRC, a crossover of any sort -- but I also think it is the best. In fact, it's probably the best thing I've ever written. This is not to put down the other stuff I wrote, which I am generally quite pleased with, just to say it is incredibly rare for me to feel like I *nailed* a story top to bottom, but I do feel that way about this one. I give all credit to [personal profile] lucymonster's amazing crossover prompts, which just sparked something in me.

(Writing this was also a lovely reminder that as much as MCU has most of my fandom attention these days, Doctor Who has a uniquely special place in my heart for a reason.)
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Dear Chocolate Box Writer,

Hello! You have matched (or, if you’re a pinch hitter, chosen) one of these pairs, which means we already have something awesome in common. How excellent. I’m excited to see what you write!

General Likes and DNWs )

BoJack Horseman )

Crossover Fandoms: Angel/Buffy, Doctor Who/Others, MCU/Netflix Marvel )

Doctor Who )

Grey’s Anatomy )


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse )

The Wire )
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Guys. Guys. GUYS. Who has seen Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse?!

If you haven't, you should go ASAP. It is really one of the best movies I've seen all year. The animation alone is worth the price of admission -- it is absolutely gorgeous, so creative, just astonishingly well done.

But! It's not just the animation. The story is great -- tight, clever, well executed. The characters are so immensely lovable. Miles is the best, jaded-Jake-Johnson Peter Parker is everything I've ever wanted in a hero whose life hasn't quite gone the way he wanted, all of the Spider people are fantastic. And every single case member killed it.

Go! See it! And if you have seen it, talk to me about it in the comments! I was so hyped for this movie, and yet it exceeded my expectations. How is that even possible?!
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Hi internet world! I feel like I should post something to prove I actually mean it when I say I'm going to use this journal and would love to build a community here on Dreamwidth. But this whole Great Fandom Migration came at a hilariously busy few weeks in my life, so I don't really have anything to say at the moment, except that I'm excited! I really like the kinds of conversation Dreamwidth encourages. This is gonna be good, guys.

I can also already tell you my first real post is going to be this weekend, and it is going to be a hot take about Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, and it is almost certainly going to be flailing in happiness because I am so excited for this movie, and everyone I know who has already seen it loved it and I can't wait.

(I kind of assume most people are already hyped for it, but if you're not, watch the trailers and get excited. The animation! The cast! Miles! It's by the dudes who somehow made 21 Jump Street and The Lego Movie good!


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