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Hello! This is a journal for talking about fannish things. It's brand new because I'd been pretty checked out of fandom for several years, and coming back I wanted a fresh start. But I've been doing this ish for over 15 years at this point under other names.

Feel free to follow/unfollow at will. I'd love it if you dropped a message to say hi just because that's a great way to get to know people, but no problem if you don't want to.

Current fandoms: MCU (esp. Spider-Man, Iron Man, GOTG, Thor parts of the franchise, but really all of it), Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Star Wars. I'm also generally an obsessive consumer of TV, and will probably end up posting about everything from BoJack Horseman (best show on TV right now IMO) to the Bachelor franchise. Other current favorites include The Good Place, Rick & Morty, You're the Worst, Insecure, Silicon Valley, and Grey's Anatomy.

Current ships: Peter/Tony, Reylo, and Jaime/Brienne are my current "active" OTPs (in that I read and/or write and/or have a lot of feelings about them). I have lots of other ships I like within those and other fandoms, though.

Community, Buffy, and The Wire are my forever favorites. I am not ~actively~ in those fandoms, but I will always, always talk about them with anyone who wants to listen. Oh, and Harry Potter, because you never forget your first fandom. Spuffy, Troy/Abed(/Annie), Annie/Jeff, Stringer/Avon are my forever OTPs.
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